Santa Rosa Plain GSA – Advisory Committee


The first meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency will take place Monday, October 30th, at 3:00 pm at the Santa Rosa Utilities Field Office, 35 Stony Point Rd, Santa Rosa. Please check back frequently for updates, as fire-related changes may occur. The agenda will be posted here closer to the meeting.


This webpage provides information about the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency (Agency/ Santa Rosa Plain GSA) Advisory Committee. The Agency Board is responsible for these appointments.


Advisory Committee Overview

The Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency is a newly formed public agency and its purpose is to secure groundwater sustainability for the Santa Rosa Plain groundwater basin. The agency has a governing board and an advisory committee. The purpose of the advisory committee is to provide input and recommendations to the Agency Board on groundwater sustainability plan development, implementation and policies. The intent of the committee is to provide community perspective and participation in the Agency. The composition of the Advisory Committee is intended to represent the beneficial uses and users of groundwater identified in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Terms will be two-years (after initial staggered terms).

Each Member of the Agency, as well as the Mutual Water & Public Utilities Commission-Regulated Companies, will appoint a representative from staff or the community to the Advisory Committee, for a total of nine members:

  1. City of Santa Rosa
  2. Town of Windsor
  3. City of Rohnert Park
  4. City of Cotati
  5. Sonoma County
  6. Sonoma County Water Agency
  7. Sonoma Resource Conservation District
  8. Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District
  9. Mutual Water Companies/ PUC-Regulated

The following eligible entities have elected not to participate on the Agency Board but shall hold a seat on the Advisory Committee.  These entities, not the Agency Board, will appoint their representatives:

  1. Graton Rancheria
  2. City of Sebastopol

In addition, the Agency Board will appoint 7 interest-based members. This application is for these 7 interest-based seats:

  1. Environmental representative
  2. Environmental representative
  3. Rural residential well owner
  4. Rural residential well owner
  5. Business community representative
  6. Agricultural interest (surface water or GW user)
  7. Agricultural interest (surface water or GW user)


Members must live or work within the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Basin or represent an organization with a presence in Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Basin, identified by the Department of Water Resources current Bulletin 118, to be eligible to participate. (NOTE: The Board may appoint one of the interest-based members from within the watershed, but outside of the Bulletin 118 boundary.)

The Board encourages entities and individuals within each interest group to work together to recommend a candidate to fill that interest’s seat. The Board will give strong consideration to appointing candidates that have the backing of multiple organizations or individuals within that interest group.

The Board encourages candidates with experience and familiarity with groundwater and its management. The Board will also give preference to applicants with experience working with diverse community-based groups.